Collecting the Troubles and Beyond

Collecting the Troubles and Beyond

Collecting the Troubles and Beyond

Heritage Grants

National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland (trading as National Museums NI)
This three year project aimed to strategically develop the collection of material related to the Troubles in National Museums of Northern Ireland (NMNI).

Existing collections lacked three-dimensional specimens and material relating to broader social and cultural history.

This project developed collecting plans by engaging with communities to develop a full and inclusive narrative.

The Ulster Museum’s Troubles Gallery now provides a unique environment in which the period and Northern Ireland’s continuing emergence from years of conflict can be explored, discussed and reflected upon in context.

Visitor interaction is key to the ongoing development of the gallery and visitors are actively encouraged to suggest developmental themes, new narratives and objects.

Through engaging actively with a range of historical artefacts including prison art, a Nobel peace prize and a bomb disposal robot, and source material ranging from posters to iconic press photography, individuals can investigate the different events and perspectives of this period of history.