All The Moor Butterflies: preserving rare species and improving wellbeing

All The Moor Butterflies: preserving rare species and improving wellbeing

Group of volunteers and children in a park waving paper butterflies

Heritage Grants

South West England
Butterfly Conservation
This project helped to safeguard some of South West England’s rarest butterfly and moth species. The conservation work engaged a wider range of people through working with partners.

All the Moor Butterflies improved habitat conditions and raised awareness of six of the UK's most threatened butterfly and moth species. The project took place on Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor across a three-year period.

The project’s volunteers and partners managed to:

  • unite 146 landowners and farmers across 201 sites under a common goal: to preserve these unique species' habitats
  • carry out 841 site visits and survey 199 sites for the endangered fritillary species
  • record 13,243 butterflies 
  • discover 29 new sites on Bodmin Moor for the marsh fritillary species 
  • deliver 37 volunteer training workshops 
  • organise an exhibition visited by over 8,000 people
  • improve 165 hectares of farm habitat
  • connect thousands of people with the fascinating lives of these insects and contribute to their conservation
  • involve school children, volunteers and people suffering from mental health issues

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Marsh fritillary butterfly
Marsh fritillary butterfly. Credit: Simon Phelps



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