Logos Parciau i Bobl (Lloegr yn unig)

Logos Parciau i Bobl (Lloegr yn unig)

Mae'r logos hyn yn cydnabod cyllid ar y cyd gan Gronfa Dreftadaeth y Loteri Genedlaethol a phrosiectau Cronfa Gymunedol y Loteri Genedlaethol ar gyfer Parciau i Bobl yn Lloegr.

Mae cynnwys y dudalen yma'n Saesneg yn unig oherwydd nad yw'n berthnasol i Gymru. Os hoffech ragor o wybodaeth cysylltwch â cymorthcymraeg@heritagefund.org.uk

Dylech bob amser gydnabod eich grant yn ddwyieithog yng Nghymru. Ceir rhagor o wybodaeth yma

Download the logo


There are two versions of this logo available:

  • Full colour
  • White

Minimum size

The logo must not been shown any smaller than the minimum height of 14mm (print) and 108px (screen).

The size at which the logo is used must be proportionate to the size of the material you are producing, to make sure it’s clear and easy to read.

As a guide:

A4: minimum height 14mm

A3: minimum height 24mm

A2: minimum height 36mm

Large acknowledgement 

For larger acknowledgement materials – for example on the side of a building – please use the logo big enough to be clearly visible from a distance of five metres.


The logo must only be reproduced in the colours provided.

Please don’t use the logo in gold, grey or any other colour not specificed here.

Exclusion zone

We have defined an exclusion zone to protect the logo from other graphic elements such as type, image boxes or lines.

Leave clear space half the height of the crossed fingers symbol on all sides of the logo.

Logo misuse

Please don’t redraw or alter our logo. Don’t stretch it or cut it up (crop it) to fit into a small space.

For example, if using a logo in a Word document, please resize it by clicking on and dragging the corners and not the sides of the logo box.