Seamus Heaney HomeGround Project

Seamus Heaney HomeGround Project

The evocative Lagans Road, from the poem 'Edward Thomas on the Lagans Road'
The evocative Lagans Road, from the poem 'Edward Thomas on the Lagans Road'

Heritage Grants

Mid Ulster, Northern Ireland
Mid Ulster
Mid Ulster District Council
The Living Past project aims to preserve the literary heritage of Seamus Heaney, and the natural heritage that inspired his works.

Mid Ulster District Council are leading on this project to bring the legacy of Seamus Heaney back to the people.

Seamus Heaney lived in South Derry, and the area provided the setting for many of his best known poems. He was a very well-known poet in his lifetime, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995.

Through community education programmes, the creation of a literary and heritage trail and the establishment of a Friends of Seamus Heaney group, the project aims to:

  • Connect the literary heritage of Seamus Heaney to people and communities
  • Preserve traditional ways of rural life
  • Develop the landscape, as illustrated in Heaney’s poetry

A particular focus of the project is on ensuring the sustainability and management of the environment that inspired Heaney’s poems, as well as engaging more people in his work.

This project will also provide a significant number of people with training and volunteering opportunities, as well as educating more people about Seamus Heaney and the landscape that inspired him.

For more information, please see the Seamus Heaney HomeSpace website