The Heckington Windmill Regeneration Project

The Heckington Windmill Regeneration Project

Heckington Windmill
Heckington Windmill

Heritage Grants

Heckington Rural
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Heckington Windmill Trust
Heckington Windmill Trust have restored and transformed the historic eight-sail windmill at Heckington into a world-class visitor attraction.

The trust made use of an HLF grant to secure the entire Victorian industrial complex surrounding the historic windmill. This included the mill house itself, as well as a granary, cartsheds, the brewery and an office block.

The trust restored all these buildings, either returning them to their original use of transforming them into facilities for visitors or community spaces.

The windmill was given new sails, returning it to working order following five years of activity.

The trust also carried out a comprehensive programme of engagement activities, including outreach talks and increasing the range of opportunities available for people to volunteer at the site.

The project also saw permanent members of staff hired, such as a professional curator whose work enabled the trust to catalogue and interpret the existing collection attached to the windmill.

As the only eight-sail windmill in Northern Europe, the Heckington Windmill site now offers a unique visitor experience, where members of the public can enjoy the site of a working historic windmill.

For more information, please visit the Heckington Windmill website