Darwin Centre

The Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum

Heritage Grants

London, London
Natural History Museum
A new building was created to house the museum’s internationally-important collection of botany and entomology specimens, dating from the 16th century.

The Darwin Centre provides environmentally-controlled accommodation for the life science collection of pressed plants and insects, and allows essential room for collection expansion, as well providing laboratories and other working space for 125 scientists.

Public accessibility to the scientific collections has also been improved, with over 80 percent of the building being either fully open, or open via guided tours. Other accessibility features include a studio for scientists to give interactive talks about their work, and visible laboratory areas with two-way communication between visitors and scientists. The space has also enabled the expansion and diversification of the museum’s educational programmes.

The Darwin Centre’s “modern cutting-edge research facilities ensure continued high standards and future development of our life sciences, consistent with the museum’s position as an internationally-recognised centre of excellence.”