The Battle of Bannockburn Project

The Battle of Bannockburn

Heritage Grants

STIRLING, Scotland
National Trust for Scotland
The Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre is a joint project between the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland.

Bannockburn is the site of the famous battle between the Scottish and the English which took place 700 years ago in 1314 and is a landmark in Scottish history.

The significance of the site is marked by our contribution of £4.1million and the Scottish Government’s commitment of £5m channeled through Historic Scotland, The new centre was the first tourist attraction in the world to use state-of-the-art motion capture techniques to immerse visitors in a realistic and historically accurate medieval battle in 3D. 

In addition to the new visitor centre, the sensitive landscaping and conservation of the hilltop monuments provides visitors with a total interpretative experience, the visitor centre with  its 3D battle simulation and the environment around the centre allowing visitors to appreciate the battleground and restored commemorative monuments including a bronze cast statue of Robert the Bruce.

Our investment has provided Scotland with a site to commemorate and learn about this significant time in Scottish history and allows the site to establish itself as a significant international tourist destination.