Back to School: Lessons to Learn

Project participants attending one of the intergenerational workshops
Project participants attending one of the intergenerational workshops

Heritage Grants

GLASGOW, Scotland
Scottish Council on Deafness
The Scottish Council on Deafness (SCOD) created a series of workshops on the educational experiences of older deaf people.

Important stories and lessons from older deaf people were in danger of being lost. The project aimed to preserve these memories, as well as connect older deaf people with the younger generation.

Volunteers were trained in oral history techniques and interviewed older members of the Deaf community. Participants then produced three DVDs and then distributed these to libraries, schools and Deaf deaf organisations. The DVD features Deaf-deaf people speaking in British Sign Language, with captions in English. The DVD comes with a booklet filled with old photographs.

The project worked in partnership with Deaf History Scotland to develop a series of intergenerational workshops. Volunteers went into schools across Scotland to help both deaf and hearing children learn about what school was like for deaf people in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Twenty-three people volunteered in the project in activities which included conducting interviews, transcribing the videos, and helping run workshops.

You can read more about the project and order a copy of the DVD series on the SCOD website.