Over the last few weeks, our Midlands & East England area has been sharing heritage highlights A2Z style on Twitter. If you missed it, follow the hashtag to see all the great posts.

Some of the team have shared with us their favourite letters from the alphabet campaign:  

Anne Jenkins, Director of England, Midlands & East: "Difficult to select a favourite, but W for Walsall chimes with me as a town full of surprising and fascinating National Lottery Heritage Fund sites."

Jonathan Platt, Head of Investment, England, Midlands & East: "My favourite was B and Back from the Brink - one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. The project has already taken steps to re-establish the Chequered Skipper butterfly that has not been seen in England since 1976!."

Robyn Llewellyn, Head of Engagement, England, Midlands & East: "I’m going to go for the letter V because V = Volunteers who are so crucial to so many of the impactful projects funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund keeping our heritage alive and relevant. AND V = Venetian Waterways, one of the most recently completed, magnificent, fun projects that is going to be transformative for Great Yarmouth."

Steve Miller,Trustee and Committee Member for England, Midlands & East: "I’d like to pick ‘R for Red Squirrel’ – our favourite National Lottery Heritage Fund flag-bearer for our very special natural heritage!"

Sue Beardsmore, Chair of England, Midlands & East: "K for Knights of the Raj shows how quickly things change, how important it is to capture heritage before it disappears and is forgotten – and how people need to tell their own stories to make them authentic." 

Rosie Gibson, Social Media Manager: “My favourite day from the A2Z campaign was Q because I thought they were going to find it hard to find the heritage to match, but instead I found out about two new heritage projects I’d not heard of before!” 

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