Restoration of historical pipe organ

Project participants at Kingussie Parish Church
Project participants at Kingussie Parish Church

Heritage Grants

Kingussie Parish Church
Kingussie Parish Church have restored their historic pipe organ, bringing it back to its original operational condition.

The Grade II certified pipe organ was built by Evans and Barr Organ Builders in Belfast, and was installed in Kingussie Church in May 1926.

The church wanted to restore the organ, and in doing so explore and document its history and engage the local community. A professional organ builder conducted a complete overhaul of the organ, while pupils from local schools worked on researching the history of the instrument and how it works.

Pupils created a DVD and interpretative panel to be erected in the church. This, alongside a leaflet, will help visitors to the church to learn about the organ.

Once restored, local organists offered to run tutorials and workshops to help people learn to play the organ, and volunteers were trained in giving tours of the church with reference to the organ.

For more information, please visit the Kingussie Parish Church website