England, North: delegated decisions July 2023

England, North: delegated decisions July 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 4 July 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage 


Applicant: African Families Support P3 CIC

Project description: This project will deliver 26 sessions and workshops on the Songo Alphabet and tribal heritage, a core element of Central African culture, music and dance. Sessions will involve heritage research and oral history recordings, and an exhibition will be delivered.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


100 Year of Impact – Hull Deaf Centre History and Heritage Showcase


Project description: To explore the history of Hull Deaf Centre and wider UK disability heritage through recording oral histories of members and the creation of an accessible online archive and exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £9,960 (100%)


Women and Cancer – An Unique Story


Project description: To document the effects of cancer on the lives and experiences of women living in the Halton area, resulting in an archive collection and exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)


Crofton Mill Pit Remembered

Applicant: Headway Arts

Project description: This project will explore the heritage of Crofton Mill Pit through researching the history of the pit and collecting stories. It will share the findings through an exhibition and create contemporary banners to showcase the history.

Decision: Award grant of £6,990 (68%)


Liberation & Freedom

Applicant: Yom Hashoah Manchester

Project description: Building on a previous project, it will explore the history of the Holocaust with students aged between 10-18 years old and produce an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £9,772 (100%)


Celebrating the 150th Penistone Agricultural Show

Applicant: Penistone Agricultural Society Ltd

Project description: Celebrating 150 years of the Penistone Agricultural Show through oral history training and collection, artistic interpretation of memorabilia and local memories and a new town trail.

Decision: Award grant of £9,800 (100%)


History of Fish n Chips – Grimsby vs Cleethorpes

Applicant: Synergy (Grimbsy) Community Interest Company

Project description: This project will get young people involved in the history of fish and chips in the area. They will visit archives, interview locals, create a heritage board and host an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £9,999 (100%)


“Empowering Communities: Learning to Create African Fashion through Traditional Techniques”


Project description: To host workshops and sessions teaching people how to create African dresses and how to sew in the traditional African style over several weeks.

Decision: Reject


Our Hungarian Roots

Applicant: Beat Bazaar Projects

Project description: This six-month project will encourage young people to take part in creative workshops, exploring their Hungarian heritage.

Decision: Reject


Stannington Community Library

Applicant: Stannington Parish Council

Project description: This project will purchase and install a K6 phone box and bench for use in the community library, along with a storyboard on the history of the K6 phone box and telecommunications within the parish.

Decision: Reject


Well-being Workshops Club

Applicant: Foundation Mama Christine Mongi

Project description: This project will produce a series of wellbeing workshops in the local community aimed at providing training opportunities and improving health in the area.

Decision: Reject


Heritage Market Festival

Applicant: Escape2Make

Project description: This one-year project will encourage young people to explore local museum collections through creative and practical activities.

Decision: Award grant of £75,660 (95%)


My Voice – The Legacy

Applicant: Federation of Jewish Services

Project description: An inter-generational project that will empower Holocaust Survivors to share their stories. The project aims to encourage young people to learn about the importance of this heritage through the recording of oral histories, a volunteer programme and the production of life-story books.

Decision: Award grant of £246,075 (92%)


The Leeds Library: The Next Chapter Project

Applicant: The Leeds Library

Project description: To  make the library collections accessible, improve audience reach and sustain operations. Physical access to the archive will be improved and public programmes will target under-served groups.

Decision: Award grant of £249,500 (24%)


The Brass Bands Archive: Preserving our Heritage, Widening Access

Applicant: Brass Bands England

Project description: This year-long project will engage new audiences with the national brass band archive, both physically and online. It will digitise the collection, produce podcasts and a series of creative workshops and webinars.

Decision: Award grant of £99,800 (79%)


Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future Resilience Project

Applicant: Remembering the Past, Resourcing the Future

Project description: This two-year resilience project will target seven key areas to improve organisational capacity and sustainability. These include: governance, volunteers, business planning, audience development, marketing, evaluation and collections development.

Decision: Award grant of £54,238 (85%)


Wentworth Woodhouse – Driving Forward

Applicant: Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust

Project description: This two-year project is a key part of the organisation’s critical growth strategy. It will build resilience by creating a senior leadership team, enabling them to expand the site offer and broaden audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £232,254 (79%)


#DYC – Community Led Collecting – Fit for the Future

Applicant: Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust

Project description: This collections-based project will bring together the historical digitised and born-digital collections held within the archives to be stored online. It will enhance the accessibility of the collections, expanding audiences.

Decision: Award grant of £249,813 (100%)


Celebrating Yorkshire Carols

Applicant: Same Difference Arts CIC

Project description: Taking place over six months, this project will deliver workshops and performances in care homes, libraries and community spaces across West Yorkshire.

Decision: Reject


Rossendale Sole

Applicant: Valley Heritage

Project description: To relaunch the Rossendale Footwear Collection, bringing it out of storage and providing a publicly accessible digital shoe museum. 

Decision: Award grant of £20,029 (91%)


Disability, Diversity and Inclusion: Autism Oral Histories


Project description: This 18-month oral history project will document and share the heritage of autism and neurodiversity in ethnically diverse communities around Manchester.

Decision: Award grant of £99,739 (100%)


Doctor, Doctor – For Schools and Young People

Applicant: Lostock Hall Medical Centre

Project description: Bringing together materials collected and created during a previous project, including historic photographs and records. This project aims to create a dedicated webpage, classroom resources and an exhibition tour for local schools.

Decision: Reject


The Mexico 27

Applicant: Stage Door Theatre Trust

Project description: This project will host workshops for a group of young students to research the history of the Mexico Disaster of 1886. It will produce a play based on this research and tour the play around local venues for free.

Decision: Award grant of £26,672 (100%)


#DYC Tameside Reaching Out

Applicant: Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Project description: This two-year Dynamic Collections project will focus on three main strands: community, collections and access. It will engage new audiences and understand its collection better through co-creation while increasing its accessibility.

Decision: Reject


Mapping Manchester: Recovering the City’s Radical Small Press History

Applicant: Commonword Enterprises Ltd

Project description: This two-year project will create a searchable online archive and map of small radical publishers from the Manchester area. Workshops and live events will be delivered to engage the public, as well as the creation of podcasts and oral history interviews.

Decision: Award grant of £159,112 (88%)


Halton Castle Hill Project

Applicant: Halton-with-Aughton Parish Council

Project description: To undertake community-based historical and archaeological exploration of the site of Halton Castle Hill. The project aims to make the site publicly accessible, creating a new public green space, picnic area and site interpretation. 

Decision: Reject


Exploring Sister Cities in New York & Liverpool

Applicant: HYPE Merseyside Limited

Project description: Encouraging young people to explore the historical connections between Liverpool and New York through school workshops, youth clubs and a pop-up exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool.

Decision: Reject


Saving and Sharing Elvington Airfield’s Heritage

Applicant: Yorkshire Air Museum and Allied Air Forces Memorial

Project description: To upgrade storage facilities and collections management at the Yorkshire Air Museum. The project will also expand volunteer recruitment and offer student placements.

Decision: Reject


Tricketts Memorial Ground

Applicant: Rossendale Borough Council

Project description: This project will explore the community heritage of Trickett’s Memorial Grounds, restoring the green space, improving accessibility and organising creative activities for the community.

Decision: Reject


Stately Homes Project

Applicant: Leeds Theatre Trust Limited

Project description: Based on engagement with ‘Sistahood’ community groups, this project will run live artistic interventions at Harewood House over two weeks in September 2023, followed by an exhibition.

Decision: Reject


Heptonstall Sunday School Refugee Links

Applicant: Heptonstall Methodist Church

Project description: This one-year project will undertake essential external repair works to Heptonstall Methodist Church’s Sunday School building and deliver community heritage activities.

Decision: Reject


Illuminating the Past to Brighten the Future

Applicant: Netherton Feelgood Factory

Project description: Over three years this project aims to engage the local community with the history of Netherton. Using the community garden, the project will engage audiences with the natural environment, produce an exhibit on the area’s agricultural history and host flower and produce competitions.

Decision: Reject


The Kirkgate Heritage Extension #DYC

Applicant: Kirkgate Arts

Project description: To improve the management and accessibility of the local history collection through employing specialist consultants, undertaking a feasibility study and producing a programme of public events.

Decision: Reject