England, North: delegated decisions March 2023

England, North: delegated decisions March 2023

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 16 March 2023.

Longhirst Wildlife & Community Trust

Applicant: Longhirst Wildlife & Community Trust

Project description: Involving and encouraging the residents, local landowners and farmers of Longhirst, as well as other local organisations, to learn about the natural environment and improving the diversity of flora and fauna.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (98% of total costs)

Marple Locks and Aqueduct Heritage Art Trail

Applicant: Marple Youth Project CIC

Project description: Create a Marple Locks and Aqueduct Heritage Trail based on local history. A series of workshops will be facilitated to produce material for the trail, which will be on display for three weeks.

Decision: Award grant of £3,825 (100% of total costs)

Meanwood Valley Bioblitz

Applicant: The Meanwood Road Project

Project description: Create and provide training for a group of ‘wildlife ambassadors’ to map the flora and fauna in the local area, as well as producing an outdoor exhibition to promote this valuable natural asset.

Decision: Award grant of £8,683 (89% of total costs)

Knaresborough Community Archaeology in Action

Applicant: Knaresborough Museum Association

Project description: Provide volunteers with the opportunity to be involved in archaeological survey work, through focusing on Knaresborough’s medieval past. The results of the investigation will be featured in an exhibition, as part of a Community Archaeology Festival in summer 2023.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (83% of total costs)

Celebrating Cramlington

Applicant: Bringing Words to Life Limited

Project description: Recruit young people from schools and youth groups as volunteer journalists, recording stories from the older generation about Cramlington’s past. The finished work will be featured online and in exhibitions around the town’s community venues.

Decision: Award grant of £7,650 (100% of total costs)

21 years on

Applicant: Better Action for Families CIO

Project description: Celebrate the achievements of adults with learning disabilities, through the creation of a historical film. Workshops and seminars will also shed light on the social history of people with learning disabilities and their carers.

Decision: Award grant of £9,990 (100% of total costs)

The Moston Lane Shutters Project – The Heritage and History on Moston Lane

Applicant: SICK! Productions LTD

Project description: Encourage young people to engage with local history through the creation of public artworks on shop shutters, in partnership with freelance artists.

Decision: Award grant of £9,975 (100% of total costs)

Clayton Heritage Project

Applicant: Hyndburn Leisure

Project description: Facilitate a permanent photographic display to celebrate Clayton’s industrial past. The display will follow workshops and discussions held at the Clayton Community Centre.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100% of total costs)

Support for financial wellbeing

Applicant: Foundation Mama Christine Mongi

Project description: To support vulnerable people through delivering community service, training and workshops, with a focus on providing financial support to the community.

Decision: Reject

Bretton Hall Inspirational Book: A Unique Establishment. Edited by Anthony W Denton and Professor John L Taylor, with selected photographs from the John Mullin Collection

Applicant: The Sessions Book Trust

Project description: To fund the publication of a book about the heritage of Bretton Hall.

Decision: Reject

Hall Tower Motte and Bailey maintenance and improvement

Applicant: Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Council

Project description: To host a celebration lunch for the Coronation on the site of the Motte and Bailey, which requires various maintenance work and the provision of attractions for the event.

Decision: Reject

Roof insulation for village hall

Applicant: Netherwitton Village Hall

Project description: Insulation of the village hall roof, to reduce heat loss and energy costs.

Decision: Reject

Hillsborough and Owlerton Community 1930–1950

Applicant: Hillsborough and Owlerton Local History Group

Project description: A project inspired by four spools of cinefilm that are deposited in the Yorkshire Film Archive. The films document social and community changes from the 1930s to the 1950s in the Sheffield suburbs of Hillsborough and Owlerton.

Decision: Award grant of £40,180 (98% of total costs)

Harewood's Digital Masterplan

Applicant: Harewood House Trust Limited

Project description: Build on Harewood’s digital strategy to initiate a Digital Masterplan. The focus will be on improving engagement with Harewood and developing its online content.

Decision: Award grant of £187,512 (95% of total costs)

Unlocking Social and Cultural Capital at the Modern Day Monastery

Applicant: The Monastery of St Francis & Gorton Trust

Project description: A resilience project aimed towards improving the future of the Monastery. This will involve urgent repairs, the development of culture-focused activities, partnerships and offering a range of workshops and sessions.

Decision: Award grant of £232,000 (90% of total costs)

West Side Story – The forgotten history of the Stockton & Darlington Railway in Cumberland, Westmorland & Furness


Project description: A three-and-a-half year project to commemorate the bicentenary of the Stockton and Darlington Railway (S&DR). It will focus on its route through Cumberland, Westmorland and Furness as an often overlooked aspect of the company.

Decision: Award grant of £213,108 (81% of total costs)

Green Corridors York – Rivers and Floodplains

Applicant: Friends of St Nicholas Fields

Project description: Engage communities in north and south York areas to conserve and celebrate the natural landscape. Outreach engagement workshops and training, alongside new activities, will aim to improve environmental sustainability.

Decision: Award grant of £214,897 (53% of total costs)

Sudley Walled Garden: Green Heritage Skills for a Sustainable, Low Carbon Future; Greenspace Heritage for Community Wellbeing

Applicant: Growing Sudley CIC

Project description: To undertake the remaining capital works needed for the conversion of the old changing rooms in the grounds of the historic Sudley Estate. It will be transformed into a Therapy Centre to provide opportunities for local people to engage with the greenspace through skills-based training, creative workshops and research.

Decision: Award grant of £99,850 (97% of total costs)

#DYC Lives through the Lens: The Sankey Photographic Collection

Applicant: Signal Film and Media Limited

Project description: A 30-month project to engage diverse audiences in the Sankey Photographic Collection. Signal Film and Media will deliver the project with support from partners including Barrow Archives, The Dock Museum, Curious Minds and The Grundy Art Gallery (Blackpool) and others.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000 (87% of total costs)

Wingates 150 and beyond

Applicant: Wingates Band

Project description: A year-long project between April 2023 and March 2024 to undertake an activity plan to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Wingate Band. The activities will preserve the band's history and engage the community to encourage future involvement and build organisational resilience.

Decision: Reject

Kirkby Fleetham and Great Fencote Commemorative Garden Space

Applicant: Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes Parish Council

Project description: A community heritage project to further develop a commemorative/community garden in the village of Great Fencote and involve the community in researching the heritage of the parish of Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes.

Decision: Award grant of £46,087 (85% of total costs)

#DYC Archives for All

Applicant: Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society

Project description: A three-year project running from April 2023 to March 2026 to increase access and extend digitisation of the archives.

Decision: Award grant of £210,205 (95% of total costs)

Hull's Community Centre Heritage

Applicant: Carnegie Heritage Centre Limited

Project description: To collect and document accounts from key groups who have worked in and benefited from the services provided by community centres in the Hull area. This will be through the running of focus groups, research and interviews, resulting in a final exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £19,113 (100% of total costs)

Hearts of Gold – Celebrating Sefton at 50

Applicant: Sefton Council for Voluntary Service

Project description: Engage communities in Sefton through volunteer training, workshops, walking trails and exhibitions, all looking into the history of Sefton from 1974 to present day.

Decision: Award grant of £177,246 (100% of total costs)

Two Shoes

Applicant: Kirkgate Arts

Project description: An 18-month programme of activities that will celebrate the diverse ethnicities, cultures and heritages that exist in Cumbria today.

Decision: Award grant of £97,734 (81% of total costs)

Tricketts Memorial Ground

Applicant: Waterfoot Forward

Project description: Renovate and upgrade Trickett’s Memorial Ground, for it to successfully house community events. Research will be conducted into the park’s history and local schools will be engaged through new education packs about the park, along with a new website.

Decision: Reject

St Johns Thornham Wellbeing

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of Thornham and Gravel Hole

Project description: To increase the community use of the Grade II listed St John the Evangelist church in Middleton, Rochdale. The project will develop the grounds into a wildlife garden for wellbeing activities and create accessible toilet facilities.

Decision: Reject

Creating a Leadgate Heritage Hub using St Ives Church as the Centre

Applicant: Parochial Church Council of Leadgate

Project description: To focus on the repairs and conservation of the church building. An activity programme will be delivered through working with around 20 local school children and local ex-miners to share the mining heritage of the area and promote a greater understanding of the church's local significance.

Decision: Reject

Windrush 75: getting schools on board

Applicant: British Future (BF)

Project description: Over a seven-month period starting at the end of March 2023, BF and Linking Network will raise awareness within schools across the UK of the 75-year anniversary of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush. It will provide educational resources to aid teachers in marking this anniversary.

Decision: Reject

H M S Cobra

Applicant: Shipwrecks of the River Humber

Project description: To explore and bring to life the story of the wreck of HMS Cobra, which sank in 1901 near Cromer. Photogrammetry of the site will be produced and shown as an exhibition with a public programme and Virtual Reality Production in the Discovery Museum, Newcastle.

Decision: Reject

Joy Grounds & Garden

Applicant: Open Door Charity

Project description: To create an urban green space, comprising a roof garden and landscaped grounds, as part of 'Joy', a Towns Fund supported project in Birkenhead, Merseyside. It will develop health and wellbeing support services in a creative community space.

Decision: Reject

Keep Calm & Carry on: Your Deed's are immortal

Applicant: Lower Kersal Young People & community group

Project description: A 12-week research programme into experiences of the Second World War in the local area. Through a series of writing workshops and a drama coaching course, a film will be produced and to be toured at various community venues.

Decision: Reject

Grant Increase

Revitalisation of the Mining Institute and creation of the Common Room of the Great North (KickstartGIA2020)

Applicant: The Common Room of the Great North Ltd

Project description: This project was awarded £4.1million in June 2018 and a further £721,000 in January 2021 (57% of total costs overall) to restore, conserve and make accessible the Grade II* building and collections of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. Underpinned by a commercial business model, the Mining Institute is now rebranded as The Common Room of the Great North. Both the building and the collections are of international heritage importance. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and more recent economic issues have impacted upon the grantee’s ability to generate income. Additional funds are requested to allow The Common Room to undertake further resilience-enhancing activities to increase income generation capacity, as well as update fundraising and business strategies.

Decision: Award grant increase of £249,581

The Jewish Communities of Yorkshire and the North East – We Were There Too

Applicant: Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade

Project Description: A two-year project to create an online educational resource exploring the lives of the Jewish community in Yorkshire and the north east during the First World War. It will host workshops to engage with schools and the wider community. The impact of the pandemic, failure to secure partnership funding of £27,977 and removal of digital interns from the project (£40,000) has impacted the project. This means that an increase in the grant percentage from 65.5% to 73%, and a subsequent reduction of the grant from £104,400 to £74,527, is considered to continue to offer good value for money.

Decision: Award grant percentage increase from 65.5% to 73% to make a total grant of £74,527

Material Change to Approved Purposes

Great Grimsby's Viking Journey


Costs: No increase.

Decision: Approved material change to approved purposes