Supporting documents: The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG)

Supporting documents: The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG)

Supporting documents that need to be submitted with your TWIG application – cost template, National Forest Outcomes template, measuring success checklist and consents checklists.

Page last updated: 30 January 2024


This programme is now closed to new applications. This guidance is for use by successful Round 5 PEF applicants only. Please read the full guidance you received via email before applying for TWIG.

You can download the following documents from this page (they are available in both English and Welsh): 

  • National Forest Outcomes template – this document is mandatory
  • a cost template – this document is mandatory
  • measuring success checklist – this will help us check how your project meets our outcomes
  • woodlands plan and consents checklist – we would expect all relevant consents to have been applied for or underway

You must fill these in and attach to your application. See the full TWIG application help notes you received via email for further details on all supporting documents required.

Acknowledge your grant

Find out how to acknowledge your TWIG grant

Technical support

For technical support or assistance with accessibility, please contact our customer services team either by email at or telephone at 020 7591 6044. 

Read more on other types of assistance we can provide throughout your application process.