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Landscapes, parks and nature

Landscapes, parks and nature

Nature is our oldest form of heritage. Looking after nature and helping people to understand its importance has never been more important.

The need to aid nature’s recovery is urgent. That is why funding landscapes and nature is one of our key strategic funding priorities until 2024.

We expect all the projects we support to do their best to:

  • reduce nature’s loss
  • maintain the beauty and quality of our urban and rural landscapes
  • help people to reconnect with wildlife

Everyone must now do their bit for nature

Even if your project is not solely focused on landscapes or nature, we now expect all projects to improve their environmental sustainability and particularly to create positive benefits for nature.

This could include:

  • creating new bat roosts or nesting boxes
  • including green roofs and permeable hard surfaces
  • providing ponds and swales for natural drainage
  • creating wildflower areas rather than close-mown grass
  • increasing tree planting and native hedgerows
  • using native and bee-friendly plants
  • not using peat

What we have funded so far

Thanks to National Lottery players, since 1994 we have invested £1.6billion in landscapes and nature, including more than £950m in public parks and cemeteries.

This includes:

  • regenerating over 900 historic public parks and cemeteries
  • creating and improving important habitats such as orchards and peat bogs
  • helping people to understand and value our seas
  • promoting green volunteering, learning and citizen science
  • helping threatened species to thrive again
  • helping people to use landscapes and nature to learn, thrive and stay healthy

Find out more about what we fund:

How to get funding

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Nick volunteers at the HLF-funded project Field to Fork
Nick volunteers at the HLF-funded project Field to Fork


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What have we done for nature?

Our researchers analysed grant award data from 1994 to March 2017. They also interviewed 20 key stakeholders from across the UK who have an interest in landscapes and nature. The aim of this research was to explore the strategic impact that HLF investment has had on landscapes and nature. It will


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Our latest State of UK Public Parks 2016 report updates the previous study undertaken in 2014. What does the research show? This second State of the UK Public Parks report shows that there is a growing deficit between the rising use of parks and the declining resources that are available to manage