Outdoors for All: supporting South Asian communities in Glasgow

Outdoors for All: supporting South Asian communities in Glasgow

A large group of people of all ages in walking gear on a rainy day. They are standing on a path through a wooded glen.
Boots and Beards encourage all generations to enjoy Scotland's countryside. Credit: Boots and Beards

National Lottery Grants for Heritage – £10,000 to £250,000

Date awarded
Southside Central
Local Authority
Glasgow City
Boots & Beards CIC
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The founders of Boots and Beards are using their love for Scotland’s outdoors to bring together the wider South Asian community.

The project aims to explore the health and wellbeing benefits of getting out in nature.

Boots and Beards is an organisation committed to addressing the needs of the South Asian community. Founded by two individuals who are themselves from the South Asian community, they knew just what was needed to break down barriers through enjoying the Scottish countryside.

Using nature to make connections

The team has developed a number of programmes, including Bonnie Boots designed for women and girls. The aim of the programme was to empower participants to have greater access to wellbeing and leisure opportunities.

They also create activities for young people, which are designed to support their personal development and achievement.

Making outdoors enjoyable for generations

Boots and Beards' project activities can be enjoyed by the whole family. Their work offers multiple benefits for everyone involved, including older people.

The Outdoors for All project is also about fostering a sense of belonging. By improving access to Scotland’s outdoors, Boots and Beards promotes a positive Scottish identity. The organisation has created inter-generational peer support networks that underpin the community, bringing it together.

The Outdoors for All programme includes:

  • 150 walks over three years
  • appointment of an outreach officer to support greater participation
  • engagement with a range of heritage organisations
  • increased volunteering opportunities
  • skills development opportunities, including bushcraft, navigation and photography

Find out more about the great work they do on the Boots and Beards website.

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