As a public-facing body, we are committed to making information readily available and easy to understand.
  • All invitations to tender can be found on GOV.UK contracts finder (type "National Heritage Memorial Fund" in the advanced search to find all specific listings).

  • We post all of our recent details of staff structure, salaries and expenses. In accordance with Cabinet Office guidance, we also publish transactions over £500.

  • The Freedom of Information Act requires us to produce a Publication Scheme. The publication scheme is a document that describes the information we routinely publish, where you can find it, and whether we charge for it. It is not a list of our publications: it describes the kinds of information we publish.

If there is specific information you would like to view or access, please email

  1. Procurement
  2. Freedom of information requests
  3. Annual reports
  4. Policy Directions
  5. Register of Executive Team's Interests
  6. Transactions over £500
  7. Register of Interests
  8. Workforce diversity
  9. Gender pay gap
  10. Equality Scheme for NHMF Northern Ireland
  11. Public Sector Equality Duty for England, Scotland and Wales
  12. Soliciting applications for National Lottery funds
  13. Trade Union Facility Time
  14. State Aid award data for year end December 2020