Soliciting applications for National Lottery funds

Soliciting applications for National Lottery funds

National Lottery legislation gives The National Lottery Heritage Fund power to solicit applications for the distribution of National Lottery monies.

Page last updated: 7 June 2024

We use our solicitation power only where it is clearly the most effective way of achieving one of our strategic objectives.

When solicitating an application, we ensure that:

  • Anyone involved in developing the case for the solicitation, preparing the criteria and communicating with the organisation being solicited is not involved in assessing the solicited application nor deciding whether or not the solicited application has been successful.
  • The person(s) who are making a decision on a solicited application know:
    • That the application has been solicited.
    • By whom it was solicited.
    • What role (if any) the person who solicited the application has had in assessing it.
  • It makes clear to the solicited applicant(s) that:
    • Solicited applications will be assessed on their merits against the pre-determined criteria. They may fail if they do not meet the criteria and expected quality standards set out on matters such as value for money and risk.
    • They will not be given preferential treatment.  
  • All applications, solicited or otherwise, are assessed on their individual merits.

When a decision to solicit an application is made, the following will be published on our website:

  • A description of the project and grant amount.
  • The strategic objective that the solicitation seeks to address.
  • The reasons for adopting the solicitation approach.
  • The criteria and expected quality standard against which the solicited application will be assessed.

If you query is regarding our application portal, please contact our support team.