Workforce diversity

Workforce diversity

The data below shows the picture of our workforce and Board diversity, across ethnicity, gender, disability and sexual orientation for 2020-2021.

Comparable benchmark data is also shown, based on UK working population levels.

We recognise that in some areas our workforce is not as diverse as national levels and does not fully reflect the communities we serve.

This difference is due in part to levels of disclosure within the organisation. We are improving our systems to allow staff direct access to their personal data to encourage full disclosure of information.

The make-up of our workforce is also influenced by wider heritage sector trends and barriers to entry.

In April 2021 we launched a new Recruitment Framework and Policy that puts our values and behaviours on an equal footing with skills, knowledge and experience.

This new approach removes academic qualifications as a requirement in the recruitment process (with exceptions for some specific roles) and will break down barriers for applicants from under-represented backgrounds.

We want to build a valued and diverse workforce, more reflective of the diversity of the UK public. By advancing equality of opportunity and diversity in all aspects of employment, we will enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of our workforce.

Explore our 2020-2021 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Review report to learn more about how we’re working towards this.

The data

The UK Benchmark levels quoted in the below charts are national levels external to The Heritage Fund. Data has been taken from the Government Office of National Statistics and other similar sources.

The data of our workforce (including those on fixed term contracts and not working full time) was recorded on 31 March 2021 using voluntarily disclosed information.


Ethnic diversity

Black, Asian and minority ethnic people:

  • in our workforce 2020-2021: 10%
  • UK benchmark: 12%

Gender diversity


  • in our workforce 2020-2021: 76%
  • UK benchmark: 47%

Disability diversity

People with disabilities:

  • in our workforce 2020-2021: 8%
  • UK benchmark: 11%

Sexual orientation diversity

LGBT+ people:

  • in our workforce 2020-2021: 6%
  • UK benchmark: 3%
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