Landscapes, parks and nature

Visitors taste food made with ingredients found in hedgerows at The Food Museum
Visitors take part in food recipe demonstrations, tasting ingredients found in hedgerows.


Case study: The Food Museum – Hedgerow

Sustainable Project of the Year joint winner, The Food Museum shares their experience of running a project that tackles one of our greatest environmental challenges – biodiversity loss.
A group of children and adults doing outdoor activities by a river
Children take part in outdoor activities in Stour Valley Nature Reserve.


How to create sustainable urban green space in your area

We celebrated the end of our three-year Future Parks Accelerator (FPA) programme in October 2022 with the Naturally Thriving online conference, sharing learnings from the projects. The FPA programme, launched in 2019, has successfully shown the value of investing in parks and urban green spaces and
A family playing instruments
Enjoying a Ukelele Sing-along in Pearson Park, Hull


How we're funding parks projects

We take a look at three thriving parks which are doing their bit for nature – and people.
Museum of Oxford's Queering Spires exhibiton. Display post it notes with comments and memories from visitors.


Case study: Queering Spires - a history of LGBTIQA+ spaces in Oxford

The organisation The Museum of Oxford is dedicated to telling the story of Oxford and its people. The project The temporary exhibition, Queering Spires aimed to tell the untold stories of hidden queer spaces in the city of Oxford. The local authority-run museum wanted to focus on the principles of a

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