#HeritageTreasures Day 2020 announced

#HeritageTreasures Day 2020 announced

Cows in the fog at Avalon Marshes
In celebration of the UK’s incredible and diverse heritage, this year's #HeritageTreasures takes place on Saturday 11 January

As we reach a new decade, we proudly take a look back at the last 25 years of our heritage funding. We also look forward to the future and how we can continue to support and protect our heritage in a contemporary world.   

Since 1994, we have supported 44,000 projects and granted £8billion to heritage all over the UK. And over the last year, we have changed our name and launched a new Strategic Funding Framework, so we can be in the best possible position to keep funding fantastic heritage projects for another 25 years.  

We fund all kinds of projects, as long as they help to create positive and lasting change for people and communities. 

What does heritage mean to you?

It could be:

  • a precious memory
  • a story passed down through generations
  • a place you always visit
  • a public park you take walks in
  • a museum you visit regularly 
  • the birds you see every year in your garden

To get involved share your #HeritageTreasures with us on social media using the hashtag on Saturday 11 January. Let us know why you’ve chosen it, share an inspiring picture, and take a look at what everyone else has picked. We will reshare our top posts.

Our #HeritageTreasures theme this year is "the natural world"

This year we will explore all thing’s natural heritage, including conservation and environment projects, parks, landscapes and wildlife.

Pine Marten on a log
Pine Marten populations are making a recovery thanks to the award-winning Back from the Brink project 


Take a walk with us through the great outdoors and find out about the natural heritage skills we can learn to help preserve our wildlife.

We’ll discover objects in our national collections inspired by the natural world, like rare plants at Kew Gardens, dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum and Turner seascapes at the Tate.  

Why have we chosen this as a theme? Because how we can preserve our natural heritage, and improve wellbeing for people, is important to us and a key element of our current funding aims.  

So let's get sharing our fave heritage projects!

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