The Hands on Heritage project

Strategic Funding Framework 2019–2024

Strategic Funding Framework 2019–2024

This Strategic Funding Framework for 2019–2024 sets out our vision and the principles that will guide our National Lottery investment for the next five years.

It sets out how we:

  • expect to invest around £1.2 billion in the UK’s heritage
  • will introduce a streamlined grant-making portfolio
  • increasingly focus on wellbeing, capacity-building and innovation (both nationally and internationally), amongst others
  • explore the use of social investment
  • commit to increased devolution in our decision-making

Priorities for heritage

Within our broad approach to heritage overall, we have identified two priority areas of focus during this five year period:

  • landscapes and nature
  • community heritage

Mandatory outcome

We ask that every project achieve our new inclusion outcome: "a wider range of people will be involved in heritage".