Landscapes, parks and nature

Landscapes, parks and nature

People landscaping in a Japanese garden in Scotland, with a mountain in the background.
Landscaping in the Japanese Garden at Cowden, Scotland Credit: Devlin Photo Ltd
Looking after nature and helping people to understand its importance has never been more vital.

Since 1994 we have awarded over £2.1billion to more than 4,900 land, nature and biodiversity projects across the UK. 

Protecting the environment is one of our four Heritage 2033 investment principles.

We are prioritising landscape and nature projects that:

  • support nature’s recovery
  • deliver nature-based solutions to address climate change
  • reconnect people to landscapes, marine environments and nature

The climate crisis

The heritage sector has an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change. Find out more about what we're doing to tackle the climate crisis.

What we expect from projects we fund

We want all kinds of heritage project, large and small, to:

  • limit any potential damage on the environment
  • make a positive impact on the environment and particularly for nature

Read our environmental sustainability guidance.

How to get funding

Find out more

Discover what projects we fund, and what you could do with our investment to help protect our natural world.

Mae merch yn dal wystrys brodorol gan y loch


We support projects that conserve and enhance habitats and protect and preserve the UK's precious species.

Romney Marsh

We expect successful projects to show how they will address the key challenges faced by the UK's landscapes and nature.

Green roof of cafe

Public parks are facing a severe reduction in funding from local authorities. This is how we can help your parks and urban green spaces.

The UK is world renowned for its wealth of historic designed parks, gardens and cemeteries. Here's how our funding can help look after them.

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