Future-proofing museum collections: four Dynamic Collections successes

Future-proofing museum collections: four Dynamic Collections successes

Image of person with long dark hair and dark clothing taking a picture on a mobile of a display of music gig posters at The Museum of Youth Culture
Display of gig posters at The Museum of Youth Culture The Museum of Youth Culture
We look at four projects getting underway in museums, libraries and archives that are working innovatively to make the most of their collections.

Applications have come in through our year-long Dynamic Collections campaign for projects addressing engagement, re-interpretation and collections management, and meeting the changing needs of the communities around them. 

Alistair Brown, our Head of Museums, Libraries and Archives Policy, said: "The Dynamic Collections campaign has helped so many museums and heritage organisations to do innovative work with their collections – getting them in better condition, re-thinking their meaning and bringing them to new audiences. Although the campaign ends in March, we want to continue to see great work with collections and will be continuing to support these types of projects in the long-term via our open funding programmes."

Here are some of the fantastic projects across London and the south of England that have been supported through the campaign:

Your Museum of Enfield

The Museum of Enfield are creating a new online cataloguing system that will open up access to their collection. Lunchtime talks, museum lates and new exhibitions will be taking place, aiming to connect the local community with the museum’s collection in a new way. Read more about Your Museum of Enfield.

An exhibition case at the Museum of Enfield with objects on display
Objects telling the history of Enfield. Credit: Museum of Enfield.

Object Lessons: Youth Culture Takes Shape   

The Museum of Youth Culture is opening up its huge collection of objects and photographs to today's young generation. This collaborative project will engage young people with a new digital archive and hands-on museums experience through school workshops and an internship programme. Read more about Object Lessons: Youth Culture Takes Shape.From Scutari Hospital to NHS Nightingale: the British Hotel to Seacole Recovery Centres

This project by the Florence Nightingale Museum will explore the achievements of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and how they inspire the NHS today. Featuring the voices and stories of military nurses and patients, an exhibition and dramatic performance at the museum will be accompanied by online and pop-up exhibitions. Read more about From Scutari Hospital to NHS Nightingale.

Making Mischief: seasonal customs and the living heritage of folk costume in Britain 

Hundreds of folk customs take place across the UK each year – from rural Morris dancing and London-based Pearlies to the Afro-Caribbean/Brazilian-influenced Carnival. Led by the Centre for Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, this project will explore, document and celebrate this heritage at two major immersive exhibitions. Read more about Making Mischief.

Apply for funding

Our Dynamic Collections funding campaign comes to an end on 24 April 2023. If you are inspired by these projects, find out how to apply. You can still apply for support for collections-based projects via our open programmes at any time.

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