We've taken another step in our commitment to Open Data

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The National Lottery Heritage Fund has published the first phase of our Open Data on the 360Giving GrantNav platform, joining 110 other funders around the UK.

Earlier this year we published a spreadsheet of our grant data on our website. Now, by contributing data on our grants between 2013-2019 to GrantNav, we are aiming to make our data even more useful. 

Through the GrantNav platform anyone can look at how a range of grant makers use their funding together. They can see the grants made in a particular area, or to a project or organisation by all of the funders who have released their data. 

This is important as it will help funders understand how money is being used and will help communities and organisations to identify where investment is going. 

By adding our data we have become the fifth largest funder by grant award value on the platform, and taken the total GrantNav data to 332,000 grants made to over 191,000 recipients.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund Digital Lead, Tom Steinberg, said: “Given that the funding we distribute comes from people playing The National Lottery right across the UK, it's really important that anyone can find where money is being spent, and what on. 

"By working with 360Giving we’re making it much easier for Lottery players and heritage projects to find what has been funded in their areas.”

Rachel Rank, CEO of 360Giving, said: "The National Lottery Heritage Fund publishing its grants data to the 360Giving open standard is a key milestone in making funding data more open, accessible and useful. It makes it easier to get the bigger picture on the UK funding landscape and understand how the work that sustains and transforms the UK's heritage is being supported.

"Being able to search this data all in one place gives everyone greater insight into who is funding different organisations, activities and regions and to see changes over time."

Open Data

What is Open Data?

Open Data is information that can be freely used, shared and built-on by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose.

Our data shows that between 2013-2019 we provided 10,201 grants to 7,497 recipients totalling around £2.2billion

Find out more about Open Data and what we mean by it.

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