Open Data

Open Data

We are committed to giving people the information they need about our grant funding.

For this reason we support Open Data, which is data that is:

  • published proactively
  • provided in machine-readable formats (such as csv)
  • provided for re-use

 We adhere to the following principles in providing our data:

  • timely publication – we will release and update our data on an annual basis
  • we provide disaggregated data
  • we use common standards by working with the 360Giving initiative to also publish our grant data through GrantNav
  • respect privacy – only non-personal data is published

Key data about The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Since we were established in 1994, we have invested £8.4billion in more than 49,000 projects across the UK. This includes money raised by National Lottery players and funding we've distributed on behalf of governments across the UK. 

We have awarded:

  • over £3bn to almost 10,000 area, building and monument projects
  • over £520million to 26,700 community and cultural heritage projects
  • almost £600m to more than 1,400 industrial, maritime and transport projects
  • over £1.8bn to more than 4,200 land, nature and biodiversity projects
  • over £2.3bn to more than 5,600 museum, library, archive and collection-based projects

Available grant data

issued date 31/10/2023, last modified 15/01/2024
issued date 28/07/2023, last modified 15/01/2024
issued date 28/07/2023, last modified 15/01/2024

This work is licensed under the open government licence for public sector information, which allows you to use and re-use the information that is available under this licence freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions.

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