Investing in LGBTQ+ heritage

A person standing in front of a glass display of pride flags, t-shirts, leaflets and other memorabilia in a glass case
Mark Etheridge, Curator of LGBTQ+ History in front of 'Wales is… Proud' display.


Wales is Proud: a look into a national LGBTQ+ collection

Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum of Wales is actively collecting objects, documents, photographs and oral histories to fully represent the LGBTQ+ community and lived experience in Wales
Two women at queer exhibition
Jasspreet Thethi and friend at Never Going Underground exhibition


LGBTQ+ projects that mean the most to us

We are proud to fund projects which celebrate LGBTQ+ history - here are a few of our staff members' favourites.
Pride march 1974
Pride march, 1974. Credit: Wikimedia


Saving LGBTQ+ stories before they are lost forever

A new Heritage Fund project might be the last chance to capture the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in Manchester who remember life before the Sexual Offences Act 1967.
Museum of Oxford's Queering Spires exhibiton. Display post it notes with comments and memories from visitors.


Case study: Queering Spires - a history of LGBTIQA+ spaces in Oxford

The organisation The Museum of Oxford is dedicated to telling the story of Oxford and its people. The project The temporary exhibition, Queering Spires aimed to tell the untold stories of hidden queer spaces in the city of Oxford. The local authority-run museum wanted to focus on the principles of a