New funding for enterprise and business skills training programmes

New funding for enterprise and business skills training programmes

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Funding is now available for UK-wide training programmes - to support organisations working with heritage to develop their skills and confidence in enterprise and organisational leadership and management.

From a total £3million investment we hope to fund:

  • a UK-wide training programme to develop a stronger culture of successful enterprise in the heritage sector
  • programmes across each of the four countries in the UK, focusing on business and leadership skills - including diversifying income, developing supporters, volunteers and audiences, responding to new opportunities and withstanding threats and building stronger networks

In our Strategic Funding Framework we committed to commission business support programmes to increase resilience and skills in fundraising, business and financial planning, governance, commercial enterprise and engaging with social investment.

Funding is available as part of our capacity building and organisational resilience campaign, launching in spring 2020. The funded training and development programmes will form part of our work towards our strategic objective to support organisations we fund to be more robust, enterprising and forward looking.

How to apply

For more information on this funding and how to apply, visit our Enterprise Development Funding and Business Support Funding pages.

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