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View the latest decisions made by our Board, local teams and area committees.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage under £5million

These are decided locally, dependent on the grant amount:

  • Applications of up to £100,000 are made on a monthly basis at Area/Country delegated decision meetings. These meetings are managed and chaired by Heads of Investment.
  • Applications between £100,000 and £5million: are made by committees in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and across England. The committees meet every three months.

    All other awards

    Decisions are made by our Board of Trustees or by panels delegated by the Board:

    • National Lottery Grants for Heritage over £5million award decisions are made at Board meetings.
    • National Heritage Memorial Fund award decisions are made at Board meetings.
    • Heritage Emergency Fund and other special awards and initiatives decisions are made by panels delegated by the Board.

    View these below.