Digital Skills for Heritage: free posters for your workplace

Digital Skills for Heritage: free posters for your workplace

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As part of our Digital Skills for Heritage initiative, we've created four posters designed to inspire use of digital in heritage. Download them for free today.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund has created a set of posters to promote the big difference small digital changes can make for heritage organisations. We've taken our inspiration from the Government Digital Service, which uses powerful, simple designs to convey key messages.

We're sharing them under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0, which means they are free to download and print out. We hope you find them fun and useful.

Review your reviews

Prospective visitors to heritage attractions can be hugely influenced by online reviews, especially recent reviews left in popular online locations like Google Maps and TripAdvisor. Regularly checking your reviews can help your organisation resolve problems – they might highlight easy fixes, too.


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Be online

People now regularly use online searches to plan their holidays and day trips, including to find places to visit. Many searches use predictable queries, for example "days out in X". You can attract new visitors by researching how you show up when people look online for things to do in your area.


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Telling your story

Some types of heritage, like royal palaces or Neolithic sites, reveal worlds very different to what people are used to. But heritage can also give people insight into the lives of those they have a strong connection with. Digital can support this, creating very personal experiences that relate to families, homes, schools, workplaces and communities. 

A good question for heritage professionals to regularly ask is: "Can it be made more personal using digital?" 


Thriving in the digital era

Every type of heritage, no matter how old or niche, can be more easily enjoyed or explored through digital.  


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Share your designs

We’ve produced these four posters for starters. We'd love to hear your suggestions for our future poster themes, or see what heritage digital posters you already use – please share them with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Digital Skills for Heritage 

Our Digital Skills for Heritage initiative aims to drive up digital capabilities across the heritage sector. Funding, training and support is available to heritage organisations and sector leaders. 

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