In conversation with Race Council Cymru founder, Uzo Iwobi OBE

In conversation with Race Council Cymru founder, Uzo Iwobi OBE

Uzo Iwobi OBE
In this video conversation, Uzo Iwobi shares her journey to becoming a Black leader in Wales, and discusses how Black heritage is celebrated within the country.

Page last updated: 13 July 2022

We caught up with Founder of Race Council Cymru, and Specialist Advisor on Equality to the Welsh Government, Uzo Iwobi via video call to have an honest discussion around diversity in Wales today.

Uzo shared her story of moving from Nigeria to Wales in the early 90s, and the cultural exclusion and racism she faced. She discussed how culture has changed in Wales since she moved there and highlights some significant issues that are still present today. 

Part 1: Uzo’s journey 

We spoke to Uzo about her journey, and the challenges she faced, to becoming a Black leader in Wales. 

Part 2: diversity in Wales and sharing Black stories 

Uzo discusses how culture in Wales has developed and the racism issues that are still present today. She also talks about how sharing the stories of Black people in Wales can make a huge difference. 

Part 3: inspiring young people through heritage 

Uzo talks about the ways she has worked with young people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their heritage, and how positive this has been for them. 

Part 4: how heritage and society can support Black people 

Uzo talks about how the heritage sector and The Fund can promote the voices of Black people and their heritage. She also discusses what society can do to support Black people living in the UK. 

Part 5: Black Lives Matter movement, and thank you! 

Uzo talks about the recent media attention from the Black Lives Matter movement in Wales, and thanks The Fund for sharing stories of Black people. 

To discover more about Uzo’s work and what is happening in Wales to champion voices of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, visit Race Council Cymru and Black History Month Wales.

Watch the video conversation in full:

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