Wales: delegated decisions October 2023

Wales: delegated decisions October 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers taken at the meeting on 3 October 2023

Schedule of Decisions



Project description: We would like to restore a heritage clock which has stopped working and to restore the important clock face located on the external tower wall.

Decision: Reject

Valleys Voices – A Living History/Lleisiau'r Cymoedd – Hanes byw

Applicant: Valleys Kids, RHONDDA CYNON TAF

Project description: Valleys Kids, a community-led regeneration charity with bases in many communities across RCT, is uniquely placed to record, publicise and share the stories of individuals, families, and agencies across all sectors and strata in society. Together, these would comprise a living history of the valleys throughout the past 40 years

Decision: Award Grant of £240,900.00 (100%)

What Once Stood

Applicant: Linc Cymru Housing Association, NEATH PORT TALBOT

Project description; Our ambition is to involve those with emotional connection to the two school buildings before they are demolished  and empower the wider community to have a voice in preserving the local heritage of these sites for future generations

Decision: Reject

Learning and Wellbeing

Applicant: Red Brand Media Ltd, CARMARTHENSHIRE

Project description: Learning and Wellbeing is a multi partnership project that will combine walking along the millennium coastal path from Pembrey to Ferryside with learning about the second world war invasion defences.

Decision: Reject

Memories from the Dance Floor Cymru

Applicant: Memories from the Dance Floor CIC, CARDIFF 

Project description: Memories from the Dance Floor Cymru is an audio heritage project. It is the proposed second season of the highly successful podcast Memories from the Dance Floor.

Decision: Award grant of £31,424.00 (100%)


Applicant: Machynlleth Town Council, POWYS

Project description: The overarching idea is to turn a public liability into a public asset, to conserve a valuable building, to support the economy and well-being of the local community, and to give people the opportunity to engage with heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £214,171.00 (35.73%)

Museums and Galleries North Wales

Applicant: North Wales Tourism – Cwmni Twristiaeth Gogledd Cymru, CONWY

Project description: Our idea is to create a comprehensive list and raise awareness of the museums and galleries in North Wales. Our focus is on promoting these heritage sites to both domestic and international tourists, as well as the local community. We have created a comprehensive digital brochure showcasing all our museums and galleries, we now want to build on this start

Decision: Award grant of £8,100.00 (100%)

Menai Straits Community Heritage Sailing Project

Applicant: Menai Strait's Heritage Sailing, ISLE OF ANGLESEY

Project description: The Project has 3 main elements within a transformational community, cultural and heritage building initiative, the aims of which believe resonate well with the key objectives of NLHF Education/Training, Enhancing Heritage Value, Improving community health and wellbeing 

Decision: Award grant of £121,380.00 (73.73%)

Further preservation of Llanelly House

Applicant: Llanelly House Trust Ltd, CARMARTHENSHIRE

Project description: Our idea is to safeguard our building, its equipment and systems to reduce our carbon footprint and expenditure and to revitalise our business model, creating a 5-year business plan to increase planned and casual visitor experiences and numbers and ultimately our income to ensure a post-Covid viable heritage attraction.

Decision: Award grant of £112,000.00 (100%)