Breaking barriers to getting involving in greening Riverside, Cardiff

Breaking barriers to getting involving in greening Riverside, Cardiff

Volunteers tend to a planter in a residential area
Local volunteers maintain a planter in Riverside. Photo: SRCDC.

Local Places for Nature - Breaking Barriers

South Riverside Community Development Centre
South Riverside Community Development Centre (SRCDC) involved local people in nurturing nature and protecting wildlife, building leadership skills and creating a local plan for nature.

People from over 35 different ethnic groups live in the Riverside area of Cardiff, which is one of the most economically deprived parts of Wales. Poverty, a lack of English and digital literacy skills, and a lack of safe outdoor green spaces hinder people’s access to nature.

Creating a local plan for nature

SRCDC used their existing links with local people to make a difference to access to nature in their neighbourhood. 

Working closely with the local community they co-created a local plan for nature to organise their ideas and plan how to make the most of opportunities to create local spaces for nature.

The Local Authority, local councillors and local organisations enthusiastically supported the plan, which ensured the project had an enduring legacy.

Nature project leadership training

A group of women wearing headscarves listen to a wildlife educator talk, standing around a raised pond
Partners including the RSPB helped the community develop their
natural spaces, such as the community pond. Photo: SRCDC.

The project also ran six-month leadership courses, which taught 40 local people from diverse ethnic community backgrounds how to run community nature projects.

The course participants worked with a professional wildlife educator and learned about nature and wildlife in their neighbourhood. Two project facilitators then supported the participants to develop and lead their own local greening project idea.

SRCDC also provided language, IT and childcare support, recognising the extra needs of participants.

The Greening Riverside project was funded through the Local Places for Nature: Breaking Barriers grant scheme, delivered by the Heritage Fund on behalf of the Welsh Government.

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