The Beachamp Chapel

Places of worship

Places of worship

Places of worship are among the UK’s oldest and most cherished historic buildings.

Thanks to National Lottery players, over the past five years we have invested more than £250million in places of worship across the UK.

We have helped thousands of people of all faiths and denominations to conserve, restore and make places of worship more accessible.

What do we support?

We want to help congregations become truly resilient and their buildings genuinely sustainable.

Projects we fund include:

  • vital repairs
  • preserving architectural and historical features
  • helping congregations find additional uses for their buildings
  • updating services
  • providing new facilities
  • researching the history of a building

Project ideas

Our funding could help people:

  • carry out vital repair works to historic places of worship
  • add amenities to a place of worship such as a kitchen, toilets or ramps to improve community use
  • research the history of the building and present findings as an exhibition or website
  • create a new community space
  • launch a social enterprise

How to get funding

Find out whether you are eligible for funding.