Heritage Emergency Fund application form guidance

Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton
We asked Peter Middleton, a consultant to The National Lottery Heritage Fund for nearly 20 years, for his advice to organisations that are completing a Heritage Emergency Fund application form.

Peter Middleton helped us to develop the Heritage Emergency Fund application form’s finance questions and related guidance. In these two video interviews he:

  • gives advice to organisations completing the application form
  • takes applicants through a typical cashflow forecast

“[Heritage Emergency Fund applications are] capped at £50,000 but please only ask for what you need. The National Lottery Heritage Fund expects very strong demand and it wants to support as many organisations in crisis as it can.” 

He speaks to Leo Seymour, our Register of Support Services (ROSS) Framework Manager. 


Application form guidance  

“It’s important to spend a bit of time reading the guidance and FAQs on the [National Lottery Heritage Fund's] website first.” 

In this video, Peter describes what organisations should do before starting their applications. He also discusses some of the key questions in the application form.  


Cashflow forecast guidance 

“[A cashflow forecast] is something that most organisations need right now due to the emergency situation we are all in.” 

Organisations applying to the Heritage Emergency Fund for over £10,000 will need to submit a cashflow forecast. In this video, Peter takes us through a typical example.  


Peter Middleton  

Peter Middleton is a management consultant in the heritage and culture sector. He has been one of The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s ROSS consultants for almost 20 years. During that time, he has frequently assisted us in assessing applications and monitoring projects.


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