Changing lives through heritage

A trainee working on a dry stone wall
A trainee learns dry stone walling on an HLF project in the North West
Over the past two decades, HLF support has helped thousands of people and communities. Today sees the launch of our new series telling some of those life-changing stories.

We all know the National Lottery changes lives. Who hasn’t at some point – usually on a Friday afternoon with the promise of a rollover jackpot – had that familiar conversation with friends, family or colleagues about how life might change in the event of such extraordinary good fortune?

Here at HLF we know that it’s not just the jackpot winners whose lives are changed for the better thanks to the National Lottery. Every one of the 38,000 projects that we have funded over the past 22 years has had the potential to have a profound and positive impact on someone’s life.  

[quote]Every one of the 38,000 projects that we have funded over the past 22 years has had the potential to have a profound impact on someone’s life.[/quote]

That could be:

  • the welder who bought an anvil on Gumtree and learned the skills to become a self-employed specialist blacksmith
  • the GP who moved home and job hundreds of miles to be closer to her wildlife volunteering work 
  • the stroke victim whose volunteering has helped him regain his confidence and speeded his recovery

We have chosen this week – National Storytelling Week – to start telling some of these life-changing tales. Over the coming months we will delve into the lives of people from all backgrounds, all parts of the UK and a wide range of projects to show just what a difference our funding – your National Lottery money – is making to the hundreds of thousands of individuals and communities who have worked, trained, volunteered, visited or benefited from one of our exciting heritage projects.

Has your life changed?

Has your life changed for the better through involvement in a project funded by HLF? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line via our dedicated email address.

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