Mother and son

Changing lives


Changing lives: volunteering helps Ben turn away from trouble

The youth club at the Galley Centre offered the young people of Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, a reason to keep off the streets and out of trouble. But when bored teenagers, including some of 17-year-old Ben's friends, vandalised the centre, the youth club was closed down. It left them with nothing to do


Changing lives: from hostage rescue to nature reserve

The UK’s first female bodyguard, Jacquie Davis’ career has spanned everything from protecting oligarchs to rescuing hostages. But one year ago, she took on a rather more peaceful job at National Lottery-funded Walthamstow Wetlands…


Changing lives: helping Rachel rediscover her island paradise

Progressive health problems reduced Rachel Johnson’s mobility, restricting her access to her and her husband’s favourite destination, Lundy Island. Now, National Lottery funding has helped her bring a ‘tramper’ to the island so she can explore again.