Exhibits in a museum


Black History live

Black History Live revealed the stories of Kent’s African and Caribbean residents of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Panel members look at items from the collection


Fashioning Africa

Fashioning Africa is a museum collections project involving the local communities in developing Brighton Museum’s collection of African textiles, photographs and art relating to post-1960 African fashion and design.

Participants in the Nimba Tales project


The Nimba tales

This oral history project celebrates the tradition and culture of the Guinea-Conakry community living in Greater Manchester.

L8 members visiting the exhibition


L8 Untold

The L8 Untold Project will engage volunteers in the uncovering and recording of the hidden histories of Britain’s oldest Black community.

Collecting community stories and memories


The Legacy of Ahmed Iqbal Ullah

The Legacy of Ahmed Iqbal Ullah project explores the history of a Memorial School in Bangladesh and the Race Relations Centre in Manchester which both commemorate a 13 year-old boy killed for defending others from racist bullying.

Embracing Africa festival


Embracing Africa Project

This 12-month project collected objects and historical information that are important to people and the history of their country, ranging from objects on childbirth to marriage.