Our corporate strategy 2018-2021

Our corporate strategy 2018-2021

Our Corporate Strategy 2018-2021 builds upon 24 years' experience and the successful delivery of heritage grants across the UK.

Our vision and role

All people’s lives are transformed and enriched by heritage that is valued for the positive and lasting change it creates.

We inspire, lead and resource the UK’s heritage to create this change for people and communities, now and in the future.

We are inspiring and leading by:

  • Building strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • Inspiring and supporting innovation
  • Championing the capacity and resilience of the heritage sector
  • Advocating for the value of heritage to society
  • Sharing learning and best practice

We are resourcing the UK’s heritage by:

  • Working in accordance with our National Lottery Strategic Funding Framework
    • Continuing UK-wide grant making
    • Making our money go further through loans and social investments
    • Developing skills and the diversity of the sector
  • New business development: drawing in new sources of funding, alongside National Lottery and National Heritage Memorial Fund grants.
  • Achieving positive and lasting change

Through our leadership, support and investment, heritage across the UK’s nations and regions will be more valued, inclusive, resilient, enterprising, and in better condition.

This will help heritage to contribute more to the economy and become more connected in local communities and places.

Our evidence

Our plans for 2019–2024 are grounded in a wide range of strategic research, data analysis and evaluations of the impact of past funding.

  • Strategic Funding Framework consultation report : executive summary - a survey of over 10,000 people in the UK investigated the public’s views on heritage and how it is valued; whether the views expressed in the National Lottery player research were also true of the general population; and what people thought about our proposed strategic objectives. In general, the findings from the National Lottery player research were validated and a large majority of people agreed with all six of our strategic objectives
  • Public perceptions of heritage 2018 - people from over 1,500 organisations responded to our strategic consultation, conducted online and at a UK-wide series of events. There was widespread support from stakeholders for our plans for 2019–2024, and we have made adjustments and improvements to some in the light of views expressed