Our Shared Cultural Heritage project

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer.

We do not discriminate. We’ll judge you on your abilities and skills and nothing else.

We’re committed to building a valued and diverse community of staff, reflective of the diversity of the UK public and the communities we work within.

Disability Confident employer

We are committed to supporting and promoting diversity, equality and inclusion - both through the National Lottery funds which we distribute and as an employer.

Disability Confident employer logo

We always endeavour to make reasonable adjustments for disabled staff.

As a Disability Confident employer, we guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum essential criteria for every vacancy.

Any special requirements can be discussed and arranged before an interview. Please contact our HR team.

Workforce Equality Statement

The National Lottery Heritage Fund champions workforce diversity and recognises the value that this brings to our working environment and to the services we provide to our customers and stakeholders. We embrace and celebrate the differences between people, recognising the strengths and benefits of a diverse, inclusive workforce and society. We believe that heritage should be accessible to all sections of society - and correspondingly believe that our own workforce should also reflect all sections of society.

Our commitment is to build a valued and diverse workforce community, more reflective of the diversity of the UK public, by advancing equality of opportunity and diversity in all aspects of employment, in order to enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of our workforce. We do not discriminate. We make appointments based on abilities and skills and nothing else – but at the same time we are actively committed to enhancing the diversity of our organisation to reflect the communities we work within.

We pledge to provide an inclusive working and learning environment for our people which prioritises fairness, equality, diversity and inclusion as well as dignity and respect for all. We will create a workspace where intimidation, discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation are not tolerated and actively prevented and opposed.

We are committed to promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of our activities, through the development of fair and equitable policies, procedures, training and development programmes, which are consistently applied and regularly monitored. Subject to statutory provisions, no-one working in the Fund shall be treated less favourably because of race (including ethnicity, colour, national/ethnic origins and nationality), sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief/non-belief, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, maternity/paternity or pregnancy, political belief, social status or career status. 

The Fund will meet all statutory obligations under relevant legislation and where appropriate anticipate future legal requirements. This will be informed by: