What have we done for nature?, February 2018

What have we done for nature?, February 2018

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This research looks at the impact that our investment has had since 1994 on landscapes, nature and the organisations that champion nature.

The aim of this research was to explore the strategic impact that Heritage Lottery Fund investment has had on landscapes and nature. It also looked at the organisations that champion nature over the past 20 years. 

Our researchers analysed grant award data from 1994 to March 2017. They also interviewed 20 key stakeholders from across the UK. The research includes case studies, grant award data and quotes from the many people interviewed.

The Heritage Lottery Fund has invested over £765million in landscape and nature projects.

This funding has helped to:

  • restore and conserve threatened habitats
  • save species from extinction
  • help reconnect people to landscapes and nature
  • acquire land to improve its conservation
  • enhance urban biodiversity and green spaces
  • promote citizen science
  • engage volunteers
  • support skill development
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