Our strategy engagement findings

Our strategy engagement findings

A ruined folly with a coastal landscape during summer in the background
The ruined folly at Mount Edgecombe in Cornwall, looking out over Plymouth Sound
In summer 2022 we invited heritage organisations and members of the public to share their ideas and experiences to help shape our new strategy and the future of the UK heritage sector.
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We’re grateful to everyone who contributed. Hearing feedback from such a breadth of voices gave us confidence that we understood your views and what you wanted us to prioritise.

Conducting the research

This report sets out the findings of an online survey completed by over 2,000 people and organisations from all areas and types of heritage across the UK. It also includes feedback from meetings we held with heritage sector stakeholders.

We analysed the survey responses with help from Renaisi, a social enterprise that carries out research and evaluation.

What we found

Addressing the climate crisis and preserving the natural environment was the top priority of a third of respondents. You felt the Heritage Fund could do more in future to advocate for heritage.

Survey respondents supported the six principles we wanted to be part of our forward-looking strategy. However, you wanted us to be more specific about what we would achieve, be stronger in our commitment to inclusion and add environment sustainability to our priorities.

We received useful insights when we asked questions about our other priorities: 

  • you thought our investment into places should be shaped mostly by heritage need
  • you agreed that we should invest at a larger scale where our investment will have the greatest impact
  • you urged us to direct funding to specific issues or types of project, including built heritage, the climate crisis and approaches to improve access to funding
  • you wanted us to play a larger role in building collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the sector

How we’re using the research

Your input has directly influenced the development of our new 10-year strategy. You helped us shape how we will work together in the years ahead and the difference we can make for the UK’s rich and diverse heritage.

Find out more

Download the full strategy engagement findings report from this page, and explore our new 10-year strategy, Heritage 2033.

We regularly conduct research to discover what is happening in the heritage sector, and we evaluate our work to better understand the change we are making. Read more of our insight.

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