Heritage 2033 overview

Heritage 2033 overview

Want a quick overview of our 10-year strategy? Explore our short video and our 'strategy in page' below and in the attached PDF.

Our vision

We want heritage to be valued, cared for and sustained for everyone, now and in the future. 

Our investment principles and what we’ll achieve by 2033

Saving heritage:

  • improved condition and understanding of heritage
  • reduced amount of ‘heritage at risk’
  • delivered transformational long-term projects
  • made digital heritage more accessible

Protecting the environment:

  • put landscapes and habitats into recovery
  • increased understanding of and connection to nature
  • reduced the negative environmental impact of our funding portfolio
  • improved heritage’s ability to adapt to climate change

Inclusion, access and participation:

  • increased diversity of heritage workforces and audiences
  • reduced barriers for people under-served by heritage
  • enabled more people’s heritage to be recognised
  • championed digital technology to improve access

Organisational sustainability:

  • increased organisations’ commercial and governance capabilities
  • developed skills and capacity across heritage
  • embedded resilience in projects we fund
  • strengthened heritage’s contribution to local economies

Our approach

  • Open programmes for all types of heritage projects with the majority of decisions made at local level.
  • Strategic interventions to tackle issues at large and cross-territory scale.
  • Partnerships that combine resources and expertise to create investments with greater impact.
  • A focus on place, landscape and nature, heritage in need and responding to opportunities and emergencies.

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