Wales: delegated decisions December 2023

Wales: delegated decisions December 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for Wales taken at the meeting on 5 December 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Jerusalem Chapel Restoration

Applicant: The Trustees of Jerusalem Chapel Pembrey, known as Jerusalem Independent Chapel / Eglwys Annibynnol Jerusalem

Project Summary: This project aims to fix and maintain the chapel and large vestry.

Decision: Reject

Beyond Canary girls!

Applicant: Renew Mind Centre CIC

Project Summary: This one-year project looks to create a documentary to tell the story of women who worked in munitions factories in south Wales after the First World War such as the Royal Ordinance Factory at Glascoed near Pontypool. The project will use archive research to investigate their lives, their working conditions and the impact of financial freedom on the wider social dynamic.

Decision: Award grant of £44,864 (100%)

What Once Stood

Applicant: Linc Cymru Housing Association Ltd

Project Summary: This project is focussed on preserving the community heritage of two buildings in Neath Port Talbot. They will develop a program of activities centred around recording and collating physical aspects of the buildings themselves, as well as working with partners in the community to bring people together to share and record memories, oral histories, photographs and other mementos associated with the buildings.

Decision: Award grant of £164,964 (92%)

St Mary's Priory Clock and Tower Project

Applicant: Chepstow Priory Friends

Project Summary: To repair and refurbish Norman Priory Church.

Decision: Reject

#HPCanal Connections/Cysylltiadau Camlesi

Applicant: Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Project Summary: To commission a feasibility study to inform an overall options appraisal for the restoration of the Neath and Tennant Canals. Their goal is for the Vale of Neath to become known as a heritage and outdoor destination, to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Decision: Award grant of £113,850 (90%)

Caru Cwmcelyn

Applicant: Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Project Summary: To restore and improve Cwmcelyn Ponds, a nature reserve and community green space based around an old colliery feeder pond in the Ebbw Fach valley, Blaenau Gwent.

Decision: Reject

History of the Savoy Theatre

Applicant: The Monmouth Savoy Trust

Project Summary: To write a book about the history of the theatre.

Decision: Reject

Culture Matters

Applicant: The Mentor Ring Ltd

Project Summary: The project will be a celebration of South Asian heritage and the joint histories and cultural stories of British and South Asian communities in Cardiff. The project aims to foster a deeper understanding and harmony among communities through a variety of events, workshops, tours and the creation of a digital heritage archive.

Decision: Reject

Greenhill Gardens

Applicant: The Hill Church Swansea

Project Summary: This project would bring to life a currently derelict graveyard site. While the Grade II listed building is secure, the garden site will only decay further as time progresses, losing more of the heritage within. The project has potential to tell untold stories and provide a vital urban green space.

Decision: Award grant of £211,203 (85%)

Coming together in Craig Gwladus

Applicant: Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Project Summary: This project focusses on conservation and restoration of natural and built heritage within Craig Gwladus Woods. The project also includes activities looking to improve facilities and access.

Decision: Award grant of £238,217 (89%)

Cardiff City 1927 and Wales programme collection

Applicant: Wrexham County Borough Council on Behalf of Wrexham County Borough Museum

Project Summary: This project aims to expand the Welsh Football Collection for the Wrexham County Borough Museum, which has committed to become a Football Museum for Wales. The project will acquire a collection of football memorabilia, relating to the 1927 Cardiff City FA Cup win and senior men Wales international matches from 1900-1946.

Decision: Reject

Grant increases

Maesteg Town Hall redevelopment

Applicant: Bridgend County Borough Council

Decision: Award grant increase of £250,000 to make a total grant of £1,024,900

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