Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments

How we make sure our funding is open and accessible to all.

We want as wide a range of people as possible to access our funding. However, we know that some people may need additional support to complete our application process. This might be because you have a disability, mental health condition or are from an under-served community.  

What we can do

We have set out a plan to meet people’s access needs. Below are examples of the different types of assistance we can provide.

Digital support

Digital communication and processes can be hard to navigate for some people. We can offer the following help:

  • scheduling more phone calls or face-to-face meetings
  • providing large print versions of guidance
  • support to digitally upload your application

Venue requirements

For face-to-face meetings, we can meet you at a venue local to you, such as community hubs, youth sites or faith centres. We understand that a trusted and accessible venue will be easier and more familiar for you.


If English isn’t your first language, we can arrange to discuss your application in your preferred language. For example, interpretation for British Sign Language (BSL). We can also help with translation of some of our materials, by working with existing local community translators or resource centres.


We are legally required to provide materials in Welsh. All our materials are available in bilingual form. Click the Cymraeg link at the top right of a website page to view it in Welsh. If the page has not been translated, please contact us to request the information in Welsh:

Paying for reasonable adjustments

We can cover the cost of any reasonable adjustments you may need during the application process. This could include BSL interpretation, translated materials or digital accessibility, for example.

In your application, you should budget for reasonable adjustments during the delivery of your project, such as:

  • National Living Wage
  • costs of partnership working
  • support-worker costs
  • other required reasonable adjustments

You can find out more about budgeting for inclusion in our good practice guidance.

How to request reasonable adjustments

If you need help to make an application or access our services, please contact us to discuss the type of support we can provide.

If you have hearing or speech impairments you can contact us through Relay UK using your text phone or Relay UK app. Dial 18001 plus 020 7591 6044.

Looking ahead

We are planning to further explore our existing forms and processes. This is to understand the current barriers to accessing our funding. We invite all our applicants and grantees to take part in our research. Please sign up to join our research panel.

If you query is regarding our application portal, please contact our support team.