George the Poet: "celebrate nature in our day-to-day"

George the Poet: "celebrate nature in our day-to-day"

The award-winning spoken word performer’s poem – written for our Nextdoor Nature community rewilding initiative – urges us to appreciate and cultivate green spaces around us.

Let’s celebrate nature in our day-to-day.
At home, at work, in how we talk, how we think. 
It starts with recognising we’re part of it all. 
Nature’s reaching out. Let’s answer the call.

The Natural World, by George the Poet

Nextdoor Nature is our £5million Platinum Jubilee legacy investment, delivered by The Wildlife Trusts. Over the next two years it will support around 200 new groups with 50 community organisers to reintroduce nature into local areas deprived of natural places to enjoy.

Projects could include establishing wild habitats and green corridors, rewilding school grounds, transforming urbanised and unused areas into green spaces.

George the Poet said: “Linking up with The Wildlife Trusts for Nextdoor Nature reminded me that nature is all around us – it is us. Let’s stay tapped in with the natural world.”

Find out more and explore how communities will benefit from the initiative on the Nextdoor Nature website.

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