Clive Gray is the National Lottery Awards Heritage Winner for 2022

Clive Gray is the National Lottery Awards Heritage Winner for 2022

Clive Gray’s National Lottery Award recognises his incredible leadership of Blyth Tall Ship, which changes lives through maritime heritage skills training, volunteering and experiences.

Since 2010, Blyth Tall Ship has supported the wellbeing and employability of hundreds of people, including many from under-served and disadvantaged backgrounds. Their work has had a transformational impact on the local area in Blyth, Northumberland.

CEO and founder Clive Gray is at the heart of it all. In recognition of his amazing work, he has been announced as the winner of this year’s Heritage category in The National Lottery Awards. Congratulations!

We had these ropes pinging, we had head blocks flying all over the place, we had engine breakdowns, but we got through because of that leadership quality that he's got.

Colin Bassam, Head of Port Training Services

Blyth Tall Ship have undertaken several projects with the support of National Lottery and Government funding, totalling over £2.6million. They have kept heritage skills and traditions alive and restored, sailed and shared a variety of vessels.

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