Wales: delegated decisions September 2023

Wales: delegated decisions September 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers taken at the meeting on 5 September 2023

Schedule of Decisions

Datblygu Gardd Goffa Mr Richard Tudor – Gardd Gymunedol

Applicant: Ysgol Cwm Banwy Church in Wales Voluntary Aided School

Project description: The project would create a memorial garden, nature and wildlife area for the school's use and for the wider community.

Decision: Reject

Farm village and volunteer and community coordinator

Applicant: The Meadows Farm Village Limited

Project description: The Meadows Farm Village Ltd proposed to appoint a Farm Village and Community Coordinator for 24 hours per week to maximise opportunities for existing volunteers and recruit new ones, attract more people from the local community to the Farm, especially those with additional needs, improve their nature and conservation offer and improve care and conservation of the animals and land they manage.

These include:

  • Restoration assessment works of the Brenda Chamberlin murals at Carreg Fawr.
  • Convert of Storws Building into a multi-use space.

Setting up a Fishing Order for the Island, etc.

Decision: Reject

Brining alive, preserving and securing village heritage

Applicant: Penmark Village Centre

Project description: The project would create a memorial garden, nature and wildlife area for the school's use and for the wider community.

Decision: Award grant of £4,305 (90%)

Etifeddiaeth Enlli

Applicant: Bardsey Island Trust Limited 

Project description: Ymddiriedolaeth Ynys Enlli/Bardsey Island Trust proposed a three-year overall project to establish several pilot heritage projects based on the island located 1.9 miles off the Llŷn Peninsula, Gwynedd. 

Decision: Award grant of £245,975 (95%)

Harbour House & Port Talbot Sea Cadets


Project description: This project proposed to help explore the stories behind Harbour House and the Sea Cadets and record the information for generations to come.

Decision: Award grant of £5,250 (100%)

Llys Nini A Place in Time – Lle mewn Amser

Applicant: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Llys Nini Branch – Cardiff to Swansea

Project description: Llys Nini proposed a 1 year 5-month project, to celebrate the history and heritage of Llys Nini (covering Cardiff to Swansea)

Decision: Award grant of £60,106 (100%)

St Michael & All Angels Church Tower Repair Project

Applicant: Mountain and Marsh Ministry Area, in the Diocese of Monmouth – ST Michaels Church Machen

Project description: The three-month long project would repair and conserve the Grade II* listed building in Lower Machen, Newport West.

Decision: Award grant of £149,212 (66%)

Shakespeare Link First Folio Festival

Applicant: Shakespeare Link

Project description: The Willow Globe First Folio proposed the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the First Folio of William Shakespeare's plays as a cultural heritage and legacy with the creation of a new home-grown folio, an expression of contemporary lives within the framework of the unparalleled resource that is Shakespeare's First Folio.

Decision: Reject

Caru Cwmcelyn

Applicant: Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Project description: The 18-month project would restore, improve, and transform Cwmcelyn, a nature reserve and community green space in the Ebbw Fach valley, Blaenau Gwent.

Decision: Reject

Durga Puja Golden Jubilee – Nurturing the Heritage

Applicant: Wales Puja Committee

Project description: The project was proposed to execute a five-day celebration of the Durga Puja autumn festival, which is the 50th year of the festival (golden jubilee).

Decision: Award grant of £9,600 (100%)