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Press release templates

Press release templates

Press releases can help you promote your project through the media.

Media organisations, such as local newspapers and broadcast channels, prefer news stories to presented in a press release format. It helps them to quickly understand the important details of a story.

Here is a selection of press release templates you can use. Select the one that best describes the type of grant you have received. Remember to send the completed template to your grants officer or our press office for approval before you send it to the media.

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Getting the media to talk about your project is a great way of letting people know what you are doing with your grant. It also shows everyone how National Lottery players' money is being used.

Media and press relations - our experience and tips

I, along with Marie Leverett, currently co-ordinate the HLF-supported heritage project at the St Sidwell's Community Centre in Exeter entitled, 'Reviving lost history & building community'. The building is run as a secular community centre and charity, offering volunteer and training opportunities

Scottie Press Newspaper

I am the editor of Britains longest running community newspaper 'Scottie Press' based in Liverpool; we are looking at creating HLF project to help save the paper. Scottie Press is a piece of local heritage in itself, first released in 1971. Also, the content produced has always focused on the