England, North: delegated decisions May 2023

England, North: delegated decisions May 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 4 May 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Back to the past the brigantes and the romans

Applicant: Friends of Wincobank Hill

Project description: To encourage understanding of an Iron Age hillfort site and educate the wider community about the history and importance to preserve this historic monument.

Decision: Award grant of £7,000


Hidden Tracks

Applicant: Good Organisation (Social Ventures) CIC

Project description: To engage 20 individuals who have had personal experiences of homelessness. The project aims to identify and research a variety of historic locations within York through a series of 15 workshops, encompassing research skills, graphic design, photography and creative writing.

Decision: Award grant of £9,930


Remembering Rochdale

Applicant: Creative Health and Wellbeing CIC

Project description: To provide greater public access to the archive at Touchstones Gallery. This project aims to support participants to recreate some of the artworks with their own personal interpretation, learning about their relationship to Rochdale.

Decision: Award grant of £9,936


Roma Stars


Project description: To create an exhibition of successful Roma people, from history and from the present, to help motivate the community and offer opportunities to upskill.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000


Evidencing Change

Applicant: Breaking Ground Heritage CIC

Project description: To continue Breaking Ground Heritage's involvement with Operation Nightingale, supporting beneficiaries that are struggling with physical and/or psychological issues. The project will do this through engagement with shared heritage and archaeological activities. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000


Diverse ethnic communities: Families Nature Heritage Project

Applicant: Become United

Project description: To deliver 10 sessions for families from diverse ethnic communities who would like to know more about England’s nature. The project will introduce participants to English woodland plants, flowers and insects and will produce a resources pack. Work produced by children during sessions will be exhibited at local community centres.

Decision: Award grant of £9,750


Portals Through Time

Applicant: Back to Ours Arts Limited

Project description: To engage residents of Thornton in Hull in the exploration of the estate’s little-known past, and undertake historical research and oral recordings to produce a film, play and postcards.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000


Transport funding

Applicant: I Am Phab Community Shop Ltd

Project description: To fund two buses to take the most vulnerable to a club, reducing social isolation and enabling better integration with the community. The project also aims to help with organisational resilience in the short term. 

Decision: Reject


The Penitential Act

Applicant: London Film School Limited

Project description: To produce a short film exploring the relationship between those in the Catholic faith and queerness, set amongst the backdrop of the AIDs crisis in 1986 in rural Lancashire.

Decision: Reject


Hull Afghan Society

Applicant: Hull Afghan Society

Project description: To organise a weekend community school for the Afghan Society. The activities aim to bring the community together, as well as share Afghan tradition and culture with other communities through lessons and family-ordinated cultural celebrations.

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Preston North End Community and Education Trust

Project description: To mark the 135th anniversary of Preston North End Football Club becoming known as the 'Invincibles' after winning the league and FA Cup double. The project will engage local communities – focusing on vulnerable people – with the heritage of the club. Through digitising the club archives, thousands of documents will be accessible to the public, enabling their use in future programmes.

Decision: Award grant of £225,400


Routes of Social Change

Applicant: Workers' Educational Association

Project description: To engage local people in co-designing and creating eight audio-visual heritage walks across the Northeast. The walks will focus on the lesser-told stories of the local communities' social, occupational and recreational past.

Decision: Award grant of £63,165


Maritime Heritage – Maritime Futures

Applicant: The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society

Project description: To focus on youth engagement, environmental sustainability and strengthening organisational resilience. This project aims to deliver several activities and events, such as the ‘Greening the Danny’ project, Maritime Futures activity days and networking. The project also aims to provide four dock tours/cruises.

Decision: Award grant of £98,978


Deaf Connect

Applicant: Deaf Active Fitness CIC

Project description: To produce a UK-wide cross-territory d/Deaf-led intergenerational oral history project, which will document and share the heritage of d/Deaf sports people. The project aims to deliver location-based training and workshop sessions for young volunteers and create a film containing interviews and additional project footage. 

Decision: Award grant of £98,275


InSPIRED by Community

Applicant: St Mary's Church Huggate Parochial Church Council

Project description: To undertake urgent repairs to the failing internal and external drainage system at the church. The project will also reorder the interior of the building to make it accessible and provide a community space for visitors.

Decision: Award grant of £227,473


#DYC People, Purpose and Place in Historic Books – Dynamic Collections

Applicant: The Portico Library and Newsroom

Project description: To help the library embed a people-centred collections and cataloguing strategy to make their searchable records more accessible. This project will also include engagement activities such as public events inside and outside the library to share project outputs. People from target audience groups will be invited to six in-depth research workshops. 

Decision: Award grant of £96,173


Haideh & Nejad (H&N)

Applicant: Sheba Arts CIC

Project description: To collect and curate the cultural memories important to the Iranian and Kurdish diaspora in Greater Manchester. This project aims to help engage young people in their heritage, facilitate intergenerational dialogue, and share their heritage with a wider community. 

Decision: Award grant of £99,884


Textiles, Land, People – The Woven World

Applicant: British Textile Biennial

Project description: To deliver four projects within the biennial that will explore distinct heritage narratives. Commissioned artists will work alongside different communities in East Lancashire to produce a community exhibition, an education programme for schools, free workshops for the public and a volunteer programme for local people.

Decision: Award grant of £130,404


The Power of Holly Johnson

Applicant: Homotopia

Project description: To curate Holly Johnson’s archive and create a cohesive timeline and history of his career to highlight his significant contribution to the Liverpool music scene. The project will explore his influence nationally and internationally, and will acknowledge his place in LGBTQ+ history as a cultural icon.

Decision: Award grant of £142,338


Harmony Hub Radio Elders

Applicant: Awakening Arts Awakening Hearts CIC

Project description: To communicate traditions, cultures and memories from the past by creating a space where older members of the community can tell their oral history through stories, poems and songs.

Decision: Reject


The Bootle Jam Factory

Applicant: The Gateway Collective CIC

Project description: To engage socially and economically deprived communities in Bootle, Merseyside, and explore the area's jam making history. The project will encourage people to engage with traditional skills through research, cooking and gardening activities.

Decision: Award grant of £46,189


Heritage Build Skills

Applicant: The Florence Institute Trust Limited

Project description: To deliver different training elements of practical heritage and modern construction skills, using the new Education and Training Centre. This project will include classroom-based study for career progression to address the lack of local trained workers in classic heritage restoration skills.

Decision: Reject


Dynamic Northumbria – Time, Space and Stories

Applicant: Haltwhistle Film Project Limited

Project description: To support people to create their own work inspired by heritage sites across 15 locations in Northumbria, contributing to a bigger narrative. The project will take participants to visit the landscape and/or built heritage sites, show them films, live presentations and drone footage for wider physical context. An artist will work with them to create their fragments. 

Decision: Award grant of £34,906


Waste Not Want Not

Applicant: Coast and Vale Community Action

Project description: to use heritage to encourage a change in behaviour, which has a positive impact on the environment and helps people tackle the increasing cost of living. The project will deliver a programme of workshops and events exploring traditional life skills, particularly for young people, young families and older people.

Decision: Award grant of £99,824


Outdoors is Fun for Everyone

Applicant: The Conservation Volunteers

Project description: To deliver a series of activities, workshops and training days that will engage people in the natural and industrial heritage of seven selected sites. 

Decision: Reject


Whitby Lobster Hatchery & Marine Discovery Centre 2023


Project description: To bring together conservation, education and research through new learning programmes at the Marine Discovery Centre. This project aims to foster a greater sense of connection with, and guardianship for, local marine heritage and the Yorkshire coastline.

Decision: Reject


Digitisation of SfS Archives

Applicant: Society for Storytelling

Project description: To sponsor some of the students on the MRes Storytelling programme at the University of Chester to examine the archives and publish research articles. The project aim to create a publicly available online collection of oratory storytelling publications spanning over 30 years.

Decision: Reject