England, North: delegated decisions June 2023

England, North: delegated decisions June 2023

Schedule of decisions under delegated powers for England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 5 June 2023.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage 

Radio in Times 

Applicant: Furness Broadcast Media CIC 

Project description: To use existing partnerships with local schools and youth organisations to engage young people, offering skills development and encouraging them to take an active interest in their local history. 

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Sparrow Hill Heritage Project

Applicant: Skylight Circus Arts 

Project description: To host a range of activities within the community of Sparrow Hill. Activities will include: a guided tour of St Chad's, an outdoor walking tour of Sparrow Hill and a research trip to an art gallery/museum. A local historian will help participants to research and create a 3D illustrated giant book.

Decision: Award grant of £9,949


Applicant: Brave Words CIC 

Project description: To produce a three-part theatre project focusing on the story of Mary Bateman. This will be through spoken word, comedy, outdoor performances and workshops, aiming to engage with communities in Leeds’ most disadvantaged areas.

Decision: Award grant of £9,872 

The Origins of Hudswell Project 

Applicant: Hudswell Community Charity 

Project description: To convert a church into a hostel for walkers and cyclists. There will be local history research activities, including a four-day archaeological dig, and the creation of interpretation panels, leaflets and online information. 

Decision: Award grant of £6,430

#DYC YorEarth Heritage 

Applicant: Scarborough Museums, Culture and Creative Trust 

Project description: To engage people with their local museum fossil and palaeontology collections in-person and digitally.

Decision: Award grant of £9,880

The Tyne and the Tide Project South

Applicant: Hand Of LTD

Project description: To work with primary school children in Jarrow and South Shields to explore South Tyneside’s maritime history through workshops. The group will create a performance and exhibition from their work.

Decision: Award grant of £6,000

Hason Raja Festival 

Applicant: Brishti Arts Foundation 

Project description: To establish an annual festival that celebrates Bengali culture, heritage, traditions, music and art.

Decision: Reject

140th Anniversary 

Applicant: Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society 

Project description: To fund an event which will celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, and aim to boost membership.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: The Smith Brothers Foundation

Project description: An intergenerational project for school children to collect the memories of older people through 10 workshop sessions, and showcase these in a book and presentation in the final session.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Planet Action Street Arts 

Project description: To create a science festival, aiming to increase biodiversity through a range of festival art workshops.

Decision: Reject

Helping St Hilda's to Change and Grow to Serve the Wider Community 

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of St Hilda's Lucker 

Project description: To complete capital repairs on a church building, so that the church can be used for a range of activities for parishioners, local residents and visitors.

Decision: Reject

#DYC – King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Collections Project 

Applicant: City of Doncaster Council 

Project description: To create a Collections Access Centre at City of Doncaster Archives for the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry collections. It will make archival collections accessible in person and online through digitisation and run an exhibition project.

Decision: Award grant of £99,900

Leeds Cathedral Heritage for All 


Project description: To focus on capacity building and improving the visitor experience at the Grade II* listed Leeds Cathedral. Plans include developing the interpretation and educational resources and increasing volunteer capacity to better support wider engagement, particularly with young people.  

Decision: Award grant of £99,944

Gosforth's Wild Web: people connecting with and protecting nature in and around Gosforth Nature Reserve 

Applicant: The Natural History Society of Northumbria 

Project description: To engage local communities and school groups with the local reserve to promote conservation and wellbeing in a natural heritage setting.

Decision: Award grant of £171,329

Ure Connected – engaging people with nature in the Lower Ure valley 

Applicant: Lower Ure Conservation Trust 

Project description: Lower Ure Conservation Trust (LUCT) will work on designated Nosterfield Nature Reserve (NNR) to further develop expertise in habitat restoration and creation, protect priority habitats and diversify engagement. 

Decision: Award grant of £249,998

Visions in the Map 

Applicant: Assembly House CIC 

Project description: To focus on queer researchers, historians and communities. The project aims to explore their queer histories through research and produce physical works to display to the public. 

Decision: Award grant of £30,916

Embrace Abbeydale II 

Applicant: Sheffield Museums Trust 

Project description: To address long-term sustainability issues at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield. This first phase will improve the visitor experience, volunteer engagement and establish a 10-year vision and masterplan.

Decision: Award grant of £235,000

Future carnival heritage: Manchester Caribbean Carnival 2023 

Applicant: Manchester Carnival Together CIC 

Project description: To deliver an intergenerational activity programme to showcase the heritage of the Manchester Carnival.

Decision: Award grant of £25,500

#DYC Keeping East Lancashire in the Picture 

Applicant: Lancashire County Council 

Project description: To involve the people from Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn in East Lancashire in making the collections of historic photographs in their libraries more accessible, inclusive and sustainable. 

Decision: Award grant of £190,683


#DYC Manchester Local Image Collection 

Applicant: Manchester City Council 

Project description: To bring together two collections and form a permanent, interactive website.

Decision: Award grant of £99,957


Delivering our Strategy 2030 

Applicant: Sheffield Wildlife Trust 

Project description: To support Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust to better engage under-served audiences, strengthen financial resilience and increase gains for nature. 

Decision: Award grant of £249,963


#DYC Documenting Northern Lincolnshire's Local History 

Applicant: North Lincolnshire Council 

Project description: To increase engagement, particularly with young people from economically and socially deprived areas and adults with learning disabilities, through improving the management of local history collections.

Decision: Award grant of £249,714


#DYC Managing, conserving and re-interpreting the national collection of naval figureheads 

Applicant: The National Museum of the Royal Navy 

Project description: To invite wider audiences to re-interpret 23 figureheads within the existing naval figurehead collection. The project aims to develop a new creative, strategic and sustainable approach by adopting a digitisation-first and community co-curation approach.

Decision: Award grant of £249,893

#DYC New Views of North Craven 

Applicant: North Craven Building Preservation Trust Limited 

Project description: To enhance cataloguing of and access to MNCL’s collections, shaped by intergenerational community interpretation and co-curation.

Decision: Award grant of £249,996


Healing Arts for All (HAFA) 


Project description: To engage under-served groups with heritage through workshops, research trips and an exhibition.

Decision: Award grant of £186,049


Heritage through food – Root to Table 

Applicant: Element Society 

Project description: To explore and share the food heritage and recipes of a range of ethnically diverse communities around Sheffield. The project will host a series of community celebrations, delivering a four-month outreach programme and sharing resources online.

Decision: Award grant of £71,362


Colour Matters – an exploration into textile dyeing 

Applicant: Sunny Bank Mills Ltd 

Project description: To engage people with the history and practises of textile dyeing as informed by archive material at a former textile mill in Farsley, West Yorkshire.

Decision: Reject

Modernist Society: increasing engagement, inclusion and collaboration 2023-25

Applicant: The Modernist Society CIC

Project description: To improve knowledge of Modernist art and architecture and strengthen the Modernist Society's resilience through partnerships, a programme of live events and short films.

Decision: Reject


#DYC Wirral Transport Museum

Applicant: Big Heritage CIC

Project description: To better understand, interpret and manage the transport collection at Wirral Transport Museum, Birkenhead, through engaging a more diverse audience with the collection.

Decision: Award grant of £210,510


#DYC On the pitch, off the pitch – Collecting Sport in Leeds 

Applicant: Leeds City Council 

Project description: To increase the diversity and usage of Leeds Museum's sporting collections, making them accessible and more representative of the city's sports and communities. 

Decision: Award grant of £210,665


#DYC: This House Sparks Joy: Decluttering Preston Park Museum 

Applicant: Stockton on Tees Borough Council 

Project description: To involve the public in developing the collection at Preston Park Museum.

Decision: Award grant of £237,302


#DYC Unlocking the Wardrobe: Opening up Salford's Costume Collection 

Applicant: Salford Community Leisure Ltd 

Project description: To involve university students in managing Salford Museum’s costume collection through digitisation, recruitment and exhibitions.

Decision: Reject


A Landscape for Everyone

Applicant: Durham County Council

Project description: To enable more people to engage with and have a meaningful connection with the natural and cultural heritage found in the landscape of the North Pennines.

Decision: Reject


Inspiring Barrow – Barrow Blitz

Applicant: Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service 

Project description: To engage school students with Barrow's Second World War heritage through site visits and workshops.

Decision: Reject


#DYC dynamic collections campaign. The Staithes Museum and Heritage Trust Digital Project 

Applicant: The Staithes Museum and Heritage Trust 

Project description: To digitise all paper records and some artefacts belonging to the Staithes Museum collection to enable the museum to be more accessible.

Decision: Reject


#DYC Kickstarting dynamic collections at PHM 

Applicant: The National Museum of Labour History 

Project description: To undertake a collections review and rationalisation programme.

Decision: Reject

#DYC North East Collections Framework 

Applicant: Newcastle City Council 

Project description: To develop a strategy framework for collections in partnership with several leading regional museums, archives and heritage sites.

Decision: Reject